We bought the property in 2003 with the dream of becoming semi self-sufficient. We invested in solar power, rain water tanks and a reed bed waste water system.

But we still needed an income and local employment was scarce. We looked at various options to generate our own income and eventually decided to build Lilypad Luxury Cabins.

So we set about finding the perfect spot in order to give our guests the best views we could offer. We built the cabins on a hill overlooking the lake full of lilypads, hence the name – Lilypad Luxury Cabins. Of German design and compact in size, but filled with everything you need to relax and unwind.  The cabins were built by a local builder using local timber.  Check out the photos above to get an idea of the enormity of what we took on!

Frank and I are very proud of the little piece of paradise we have created and love to share it with our guests.

Some attributes of Lilypad and its surrounds:

  • The Property – Provides views and tranquility
  • The Wildlife – Plenty to see and observe from the cabins and walks
  • The Birds – A bird lovers paradise with over 100 species to enjoy
  • The Cabins – Compact and comfortable with a touch of luxury!
  • The Town – Bellingen is a beautiful part of the world.  Lush and green, art, music, alternative, organic, eco conscious, great food.
  • The Climate – Bellingen is blessed with an average of over 16 sunny days a month.  Average temperature varies from approximately 30° in Summer to 20° in Winter.  This is regarded by many as close to an ideal climate.