Prior to Lilypad being established, the land was used as dairy paddocks with a swamp and a few Silky Oak trees eaten to stumps by cattle. Apart from fencing off an area to build the house and gardens, the highest priority was to do something with the swamp. The decision was made to dig out the dirt and turn it into a lake. Once the lake was in position, the land was shaped. Gardens were developed at different levels. As the gardens were developed with lots of planting, the local climate did the rest. Growth in this part of the world is rapid and it did not take long for the results of the planting and landscaping to show.  The gardens around the house were set up in sections; fruit, vegetable and native plants. The balance of the property is planted out as a boutique forest comprising mainly of Blackbutt with a mixture of Tallow Wood, Hoop Pine, White Mahogany, Northern Red Cedar and Silky Oak.

We wanted to create a habitat for local wildlife and bird life. So we planted some native ‘bush tucker’ trees.  As the trees grew and matured the bird and wildlife increased.

Lilypad is ideal for animal & bird lovers. The Property is 7.5 acres of waterways, gardens & natural bushland creating a haven for a large variety of native animals & birdlife. The gardens have various sections including citrus, vegetable, nut; macadamia, almond, walnut & scented; lemon, cinnamon myrtle, bush tucker and more. The waterways are split into three; swamp, dam & lake which all provide habitat for aquatic & birdlife. The bush is home to a range of Marsupials, Mammals & Reptiles.